Email & Cloud File Storage

Get Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for Business

Cloud Group G-suite

Tradepage specialises in the deployment, support and integration of Google’s G Suite. 

G Suite includes business email, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. 

Get all the tools your team needs to collaborate and get more done.

Take Gmail to work

Google’s ultra-reliable servers guarantee 99.9% uptime on your business email. Industry-leading spam filters keep junk out of your inbox.

Store and share files

Keep all your work in one secure place with cloud storage. Access and share with teammates whenever you need it, from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Work from anywhere

Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations across devices. Real-time co-editing helps you get to the final version faster.

Business-grade security

Keep all your company data safe and protected even in the event of lost or stolen devices and employee turnover.

Easy IT Administration

Set up new team members in minutes. G Suite stays up to date automatically, so you won’t have to worry about software updates or security patches.

Work with popular file types

Easily open and edit common file formats like Microsoft® Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You can also export and share files with people who don’t use G Suite

Partnering on your journey to the cloud

  • Deploy Google G Suite faster
  • Implement cost-effective support of all change management activities throughout deployment process
  • Develop a change management project plan
  • Complete organisational and user readiness tasks
  • Create and deliver a communications plan
  • Design a training curriculum adjusted to your company budget and logistics
  • Deliver training in various formats, including online training/e-learning, videos, live webinars, classroom training, and coaching sessions or workshops
  • Ensure that the benefits of using Google G Suite are quickly realised within your organisation
  • Provide access to all necessary readiness, communications, and training resources
  • Share change management best practices