Managed Detection & Response

Tradepage's Probe Tool

Tradepage’s probe tool, incorporated into the iShield product, provides ongoing monitoring of your network.

  • Network assessment and reporting
  • Network (LAN and WiFi) scanning and analysing
  • Suspicious and unknown device detection
  • Intrusion detection with new device notifications
  • Device signature change tracking
  • Network device overview and scan results
  • Wifi network threat assessment
  • Unfamiliar traffic detection
  • Potential Data loss prevention and monitoring


Isolate the network to contain the breach, depending on the nature of the attack and determine the root cause of the event.


Advises the client on legal obligations to report data loss and other requirements that include PAIA, ECT etc.


Review alternative paths to restore data, if applicable, and continue with operations.

Public Relations

Send out an appropriate statement on all social media sites.

IT Risk

Review existing policies and system to minimize the risk of recurrence.