Analytics and SEO Reporting

Make Informed Decisions About your Website

If you aren’t using robust tracking and reporting tools to analyze your online marketing channels, you’re leaving revenue on the table. Do you know who’s visiting your site and what they do once they arrive? And most importantly, which website changes will boost your marketing ROI?

Accurate, detailed performance tracking is a powerful tool that provides the basis for intelligent decision making. Reporting and analytics lets you adjust and fine-tune your online marketing initiatives to optimize conversion rates, marketing campaigns and overall website ROI.

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Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting Tools to Measure and Understand the Effects of all your Online Marketing Activities:

Search engine optimization results

Bid management and keyword selection are more effective when you have hard data to back your decisions. Compare results from organic search engine ranking, paid inclusion, and pay-per-click ads to hone your search marketing strategy.

Content and navigation effectiveness

See where site visitors enter and leave your site, which pages they spend time on and which links they are drawn to. You'll gain invaluable insight into layout, copy, navigation techniques and you can test to optimize conversion.

Online marketing campaign performance

Evaluate conversion metrics and response results from email marketing, online advertising, and affiliate and partner programs. Duplicate campaign successes and avoid costly mistakes.