Managed Firewalls

A Next Generation Firewall

iShield NG5 is a next generation firewall that does deep-packet inspection including application level inspection and intrusion prevention/detection by utilising intelligence from outside of the firewall.

The firewall is also referred to as a smart access Unified Threat Management (UTM) device that is located at your premises, giving you the ability to remotely control your entire network via the Cloud.

The iShield allows you to:

  • Monitor your staff’s usage
  • Protect your network
  • Block unproductive website
  • Report from anywhere, anytime, any device.

iShield NG5 for Business, Schools and Government

Depending on your processing requirements, the device hardware includes:

  • iShield NG5 SMB (New)
  • iShield NG5 Pro
  • iShield Enterprise
Tradepage iShield NG5 for Business

iShield NG5 is the ideal solution for simple and comprehensive Internet management.

  1. Network Protection – Redundancy, VPN, Reporting All in one Unified Threat Management Tool
  2. Affordability – Local currency pricing makes Cloud Group’s solution significantly more cost effective than international solutions
  3. Increase employee productivity – Block or restrict users from unproductive time online
  4. Reduce Internet Costs – Daily, weekly or monthly usage limits ensure your network is never compromised by excessive bandwidth consumption
  5. HTTPS Interception – iShield NG5 is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported
  6. Google security – Hosted on Google’s secure Cloud Platform, ensuring best-in-class protection with anytime, anywhere availability of company data

Key Features of iShield Include:


iShield NG5 is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported.

HTTPS exclusion list for specific transactions.

HTTPS “Peek” mode - No longer requiring the need for certificates to be installed on end devices.

HTTP anti-virus scanning and attack prevention

Firewall Security

Built-in firewall proxy scans all web traffic for potential phishing sites

In-line Unified Management Threat device

Additional perimeter protection

Customisable firewall rules supported for blocking, diverting, natting and permitting connections.

Hammer protection - Preventing brute-force logins on internally exposed systems on a connection level.

VPNs – Remote Users and Offices

Certificate-based VPN encryption.

Site-to-site and user-to-site connectivity supported

VLAN Support

Cloud-Stored Usage Reports

All usage statistics are stored in Google’s secure advanced cloud infrastructure to prevent any possible data loss

Usage statistics are retained on local storage in the event of Internet connectivity loss

All Summary Header Records are retained

Phishing Attack Prevention

Users cannot bypass suspected malware or phishing websites’ browser warnings.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Per Protocol identification of all internet traffic.

Detailed report on which protocols are being used by what user

Multi-Link Capability (Auto Failovers)

Manage multiple Internet connections

Failover provides peace of mind should your Internet connection fail

Website / Blacklist Filtering

Use predefined or custom website black lists to prevent users from accessing unauthorised websites.

DNS-based blocking.

Maintained list of URL categories updated automatically

Developed and Supported in South Africa

Attractive Rand-based pricing

Input into product roadmap