Database Development

Taking Google to the Next Level

Cloud Group has a talented team of software developers that specialise in Google development. We have proven capabilities in building enterprise-level applications that leverage Google Cloud Platform’s reliable foundation and scalability, as well as its integration with the rest of the Google G Suite platform.

Google Cloud Platform provides access to Google’s APIs and Cloud Products. With Google Cloud Platform, you are able to spin up machines in the cloud, write code and compile the code online. Previously one had to physically buy components and build servers, but as technology progresses we find new ways of making our lives easier – Google Cloud Platform offers several solutions including application program interfaces (API’s).

In the past one would require an entire development team to achieve what you can now do on your own using the Google API’s – these API’s give you the ability to use Google’s massive database of resources and information to develop software. Google gives you access to API’s such as Cloud Machine Learning, Speech API, Vision API, Translate API – and with billions of android devices, these API’s are constantly being fed information.

Cloud Group builds most projects on the Google App Engine platform because of its supreme scalability, low cost, and excellent reliability.