Cyber Security

Managed Firewalls

iShield for Business

The iShield Business is a next-generation firewall that does deep-packet inspection including application level inspection and intrusion prevention/detection by utilising intelligence from outside of the firewall. The firewall is also referred to as a smart access Unified Threat Management (UTM) device that is located at your office, giving you the ability to remotely control your entire network via the Cloud.

Bandwidth is now a major resource for Companies as SaaS and VoIP solutions are becoming the new business-standard. The iShield is ideally placed at the perimeter of your network to guard against your employees draining bandwidth for personal reasons while they should be working.

Cyber Security Risk Management

We help to change behavior and lower human cyber security risk

Our security awareness and data analytics software helps you reduce avoidable security incidents by measuring and improving your people’s security behaviours.

It’s an app that helps people make better security decisions and provides real-time assistance in ever-changing personal and work environments. This is behavioural security.

91% of users no longer exhibit high-risk phishing behaviour after a behaviour intervention.

Meet industry and government compliance mandates. We offer security awareness content, role-specific or persona-based cyber security support, and data-driven human risk reporting to help you meet global information security compliance requirements.

Endpoint Protection

Protect your Network Against Remote Devices

Protect your network when accessed by remote devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices using ESET.

ESET Security Management Center provides a real-time overview of all your on-premise and off premise endpoints via an enterprise-grade console. Benefit from full reporting and security management for all operating systems.

Managed Detection and Response

Cloud Group's Probe Tool

Cloud Group’s probe tool, incorporated into the iShield product, provides ongoing monitoring of your network.

IT Governance and Management

Minimize and Manage your Online Risks

Cloud Group assists management in identifying the information technology risks within the business and in designing appropriate IT governance and management processes to minimize and manage these risks. Cloud Group will review the internal IT strategy to ensure it aligns with the organization’s strategies and objectives.

The above includes:

Security Risk Assessment

Get your Online Risk Assessed

A Security Risk Assessment is a physical on-site assessment of your business and includes:
A Security Risk Assessment is a physical on-site assessment of your business and includes:

Wireless LAN and Network Reviews

Wireless LAN Consulting at your Service

Cloud Group’s wireless LAN consultancy services include: